Latest videos produced by The Roma Group

Here at The Roma Group we offer low cost, effective video production services.

This valuable service is a vital part of any company’s marketing mix to help attract new customers, to keep existing customers close to your brand.

Using the very latest equipment, our experienced team produce first class video.

Promotional videos can help to highlight future events, awards and conferences.

Animated videos can help put across complex ideas in a fun, easy way.

Video production and editing

From storyboard to final edit, we will help you get the video you want which works hard. The Roma Group can plan, shoot and edit videos for you. We can also edit videos from existing video clips and photos you have.

Video production for social media

Superb videos tell your story and will get your message across.

We create videos which work across many platforms from smart phones, tablets and PC’s. Whether you need video production for social media, to embed on your website, or YouTube channel, we can help you.

With technology changing all the time we aim to help you reach out to your existing customers and beyond.

Video optimisation
We also optimise the video to use on your website to attract visitors and search engines. Creating a video is only part of video production. We specialise in video optimisation to help your video work better on YouTube and other video platforms. We use keyword research and search optimisation to make it easier for people to find your videos.

Client Videos